Don't spend your time trying to sell your own car. We can help  you sell your existing vehicle at the best price or just simply buy it from you. We will also give you top dollar for your vehicle as a trade-in.

Things to consider when  selling your car yourself

1. Detail your car and get it ready to sell.
2. Write an ad for your car and take several photographs.
3. Be prepared to  answer all phone  calls  day or night.
4. Are you comfortable dealing with strangers?
5. Are you comfortable going for a test drive with a stranger?
6. Make sure potential buyers have auto insurance before you allow a test drive.
7. Understand how to negotiate the deal.
8. Call your lender for instructions for loan payoff
9. Remember it takes 4-6 weeks to get your title after payoff.
10. Collecting payment and verifying that the funds are good.



Consignment Sale Fee Schedule*

Vehicle Sale Price

Broker Fee

$0 - $9,999.00


$10,000 - $24,999.00

$ 1,500.00

$25,000.00 +


* Additional charges may apply - please call Arizona Vehicle Management  associate for details.

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